Digitales Meldewesen - CLOUD
Apartment-Rental Agency
Tourism /
Single owner of an
holiday apartment
Landlord of up to
15 holiday apartments
Rental agency with unlimited no. of apartments in service
Sub-Domain including
Tourism-Administration IF
Setup of the vacation apartment account
- Data URL for workflow on OTA platforms like, Expedia etc.
- Generic Data URL for tablet based registration
- QR code for registration via smartphone
- Mapping of the email templates by the manager of your cloud account
- Advance notification for online check-in to guests
- Guest card mailing
- Digital data report to the tourism organization of the municipality
- Settings for the management of passport data of the guests
*** *** ***   ***
User management of the account
- Create, edit and rename user accounts
- Deleting user accounts
Management of e-mail templates for communication with guests
- Use the default templates
- Create an individual template
- Edit an individual template
- Delete an individual template
Manage channel manager, PMS software, or integrated ID-PASS OCR as data sources
- Add/Activate an interface
**** **** ****   *
- Delete/Deactivate an interface
**** **** ****   *
- Viewing (reading) log protocols for data exchange with the connected
  data source
**** **** ****   *
- ID-PASS OCR-API is an additional interface using ID card scanners from
  Plustek Inc. or Dative AG - The interface is provided as a pay-per-Use interface
  on demand.
**** **** ****  
Registration form management of the guests
   - Subsequent registration of guest registration slips
      by the accommodation provider
    - Unblock and edit reporting slips (postings)
      (documented in an audit-proof manner)
    - Report monthly overview
    - Export CSV (Excel)
    - Country-Statistic-Report
    - Create ZERO-Report
    - Registriation data report for tourism office

Tourism /
Administration of the Tourism CLOUD          

Setup of different configration groups

- for municipalities (tourist tax/bed tax setup etc.)
- Management of guest cards and associated guest card classes
- Management of annual and season passes for secondary residence owners
- Dunning for billing of visitor's tax / local tax
- Setup and management of registered accomodations and landlords

User management for the tourism & community extranet

- Add, edit and delete users
- Management of accomodations and associated user accounts

Guest card administration

- Management of digital guest cards and digital annual or season passes
- Preview & view guest card applications
- Export CSV of guest card applications
- Export CSV of personal guest data

Reporting panel for analysis and evaluation of overnight stays

- Monthly overview report
- Country statistic report
- Zero reports (reminder procedure)
- Missed reporting of the accomodations (reminder procedure)

Transfer of the stay report to the accounting department

- XML-Interface to Abacus Software (Switzerland) is applicable
* only assigned with access right by accommodation operator
** can be blocked and preset by the cloud operator or the tourist resort
***access right is only possible via the user administration in connection with the setup of the accommodation operators handled by the cloud operator
The following data sources are available free of charge and available in all editions:
  • CM Studio .iBooking
  • CM Studio .Booking-Center
  • CSV import (Generic Interface not specified)
XML data sources (from channel manager or PMS software) are in principle only available against maintenance surcharge. Third-party costs on the side of the PMS or channel manager providers are not considered here.

ONE XML-data-souce interface is per default available in Professional and Enterprise Edition in the subscription price included. You can choose one from the here listed existing PMS- or channel-mamanger software interfaces:
  • Hotel Spider Channel Manager
  • Protel Air / Protel on Premise via Protel /IO server
  • ShopOnDemand OMS for camping provider
  • Book.World PMS for hostels
  • PASSPORT OCR-API interface via Plustek SecureScan Xmini or Dative SwissReader
The following data sources are available free of charge:
  • Abacus Software
XML interfaces to accounting and financial software are in principle only available for a maintenance fee. Third-party costs on the part of the software providers are not taken into account here.